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沖獲りの流し網漁法In order to capture the Salmons in offing, we use the fishing method called “Nagashiami” (floating net). It is a fishing method that puts the net in the sea by using the flow of the tide, and captures the crowd of the fish. The swimming route of the fishes is blocked by the net, and their heads are to be caught in the net. This fishing method utilizes the habit of the fish that cannot swim backward.

After capturing the Red Salmon, the internal organs are immediately removed, the bodies are washed, and put into the freezer on the ship with the temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. By instantly freezing the salmon, its freshness is securely packed, and there is hardly any odor.

“Nagashiami” fishing vessels. We capture the Red Salmon with those ships.

レオニド・ホディコ号 ガデット701号


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