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Only 1% of all salmon is natural.



Recently, in Japanese grocery stores, the Coho Salmon from Chile can be seen often, and in belt-conveyor sushi, we see trout from Norway salmon and Atlantic salmons. However, the natural salmons are simply different from them. Although the technology advances year by year, the Red Salmon cannot be cultivated. It is because the Red Salmon is a delicate fish that can only live in a clean water.

The natural Red Salmon grown up in a beautiful ocean has exceptional taste with full of nutrition.

Choose the Red Salmon!

The big difference between natural and cultivated salmon

Natural Cultivated

-Fed with krill that include rich Astaxanthin, fingerling, algae, etc.
-Freely swim in clean beautiful ocean
-Has rich fat to live in cold seawater, thick meat
-High in protein, healthy food
-No.1 delicious fish even if it cools
-Safe to eat everyday, skins can be eaten

-Fed with fish powder, fish oil, flour, soy beans, and additive to redden the meat
-Raised in a small fish preserve, lack of exercise
-Rich of fat and DHA, good to eat by grill or raw
-The antibiotic, formalin, and antibacterial agents are used for the disease

[From the research result of Worldwide Agricultural Policy Information Center]

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