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Sharing the zest of the bountiful natural seas.

The earth is roughly 70% ocean. The Earth is an ocean planet. We humans are fortunate for all the bounty that the grand oceans provide us, especially when it comes to food. We would surely not have survived as a species if it were not for these gracious blessings.

The fishery of the old model became more difficult because of the establishment of 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone between countries and great limitation of the haul. Accordingly, S Road started from the prompt investigation of an overseas fishery company, and the selection of the blue chip company from among them. We are aiming at the stable supply of the fish products with the improvement of the quality. At the same time, there is mutual trust with domestic and foreign fishery companies with one feeling of "delivering the great fish". We strive for delivering "stable deliciousness" by checking the fishing circumstances with the latest technology and the experience on the fishing vessel, and momentarily freeze the fishes to keep its freshness.

We would like to present our pioneer spirit in this difficult situation for the fishery industry, and develop the route to supply the better food. In result, we think that we can contribute to people's good eating habits and health.

S Road Co Ltd.Tokyo is a metropolis enveloped in information, connected to world on a global scale. We strongly feel that it is our advantage to have our headquarters in such a city where we can be in constant contact with the high demands of today's market. We want to provide the opportunity where people can easily eat natural fish and be contently satisfied. However, we cannot be blind sighted by the reality that the value of natural fish has changed. Traditionally, fishing was a necessity, but today, technologically advanced cultivation systems, fish can be widely distributed from a simple manmade pond. Also, due to chemical medicines and artificial diet, the natural taste of fish has been lost. At the bare minimum, we want to provide the full rich taste of natural fish that cannot be provided with cultivation.

We, S Road, deliver the seafood of the choice from all over the world, including the Red Salmon from the North Pacific, to Japan. We are observing the complete process from the capturing of the fish, landing, processing, and shipping to the market. With our partners, we are offering the products with safety and high quality. We are more than a just importer, we are the total importer.

Now since the safety of food is paid attention, it is important that the place where the fish is captured is non-polluted ocean, and the marketing route is reliable. Our food can be provided to anyone. That is why it is used for VIP's official ceremonies. It is said that the expression becomes gentle by eating the natural fish. A secret of smoothly advanced conference and dinner is in the natural diet.

Our wish is to "make ocean's gift people's benefit".

Mitsuo Yasuda

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